Badaboo 1.8

Billiards with a childish twist


  • Fun graphics and sound effects
  • Easy to play


  • Gets very repetitive

Not bad
If you reckon the game of billiards is dull then wait until you've tried Badaboo.

This version of the classic table game replaces the traditional ball with curious round creatures known as Badas and Boos. Your goal in Badaboo is to get the highest score possible by whacking the creatures together.

You control the larger of the critters, the Bada, by flicking it with your finger in any direction. Every time your Bada touches a Boo (one of the smaller creatures), it changes color and you score points. You can rack up combos by whacking the Boos into each other. You get several flicks in each game and if at the end of it all, all of the Boos are the same color as the Bada you get a 50,000 bonus.

As a result, Badaboo can be treated either as a game of strategy, where you carefully mastermind the changing of the colors of all the Boos, or you can try and get lucky just by whacking the Bada as hard as you can.

Only one of the game modes is available to play in this free version of Badaboo, and it does get pretty repetitive after a while.

However, the colorful graphics and fun sound effects within the game make Badaboo an amusing alternative to billiards.

Bugs fixed


  • Bugs fixed


Badaboo 1.8

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